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High-Level Expertise

Eastview Realty Advisors provides integrated services with high-level expertise, whether for your account or our own. We thoroughly evaluate the needs of our partners and investors and clients through direct and hands-on representation. We listen but then we advise.

We all want long-term economic growth and value enhancement of our assets. At Eastview we strive to understand the risks in deploying resources, whether time or money or property, and plan on the way into an investment a life-history, together with an exit plan and safeguards through reserves, additional capital lines, and pre-sales, so we can protect our principal and manage the investment through that history.

Opportunities in real estate abound with risks and rewards at every point on a spectrum. The opportunities you should be open to will put your resources, whether land or capital, to sustainable and profitable use. To assure yourself that you maximize the benefit (or minimize the risk and cost) you need to understand and take control of the opportunity, to be judicious in obtaining sufficient information to evaluate it, open-minded enough to allow for good and bad events, and nimble enough to plan for both.

Many times the undervalued real estate assets deserve to be undervalued. We have found that the market will anticipate future uses when they are plain and in the path of historic growth, and assets have that factored in to price. Markets often are poor at anticipating new uses or extraordinary financial structures, governmental subsidies, and vertical integration.

When we invest our time or capital in a project we identify how we add value that the market misses. That value addition makes the opportunity and supports the decision to proceed.