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$ 2.7 M Bulk Purchase

April 1st, 2010

In continuing service to a Developer client in Palm Beach County, on March 10 Eastview Realty Advisors took on the Sonoma Bay Townhouse project, which offered 54 newly constructed town home units in Riviera Beach, Florida.  We presented it to a European investor on March 11, with contract and non-refundable deposit of $ 130 K on March 12, a total purchase price of $ 2,700,000.  Closing occurred on April 1.

Developer Close-out

Sold Before Auction (Marsh Harbour)

March 15th, 2010

All Units Sold at Marsh Harbour

Eastview Realty Advisors and Fisher Auction Co. were pleased to announce the early sale of all Developer units at the Marsh Harbour project developed by client Cornerstone Group, on terms that prompted the Developer to sell all units to a single purchaser, days before the auction set for March 13.

Lee County Developer Close-out

March 1st, 2010

Eastview Realty Advisors has been engaged to assist the Developer in an accelerated close-out of high-rise condominium units in Lee County, Florida, working closely with the Lender to negotiate market-ready release prices.  In an adjacent facility Eastview had already supervised an early-sale and full close-out of all remaining Developer units in an auction that set the bar for all later sales in the market.

Riviera Beach Developer Close-out

February 15th, 2010

Eastview Realty Advisors has been engaged to provide the Marketing and Sales Services in support of a Developer Auction of the close-out units of Townhouse and Villas in its residential development in Riviera Beach, Florida, together with national auction firm Fisher Auction Company.

Tax Forfeiture Acquisition Opportunity

February 1st, 2010

Eastview Realty Advisors has identified a Tax Forfeiture Acquisition Opportunity on the East Coast of Florida, valued at in excess of $ 7 M, where its investors can obtain control by a tax deed and quiet title suit for on the order of $ 1.5 M.  Separately Eastview has qualified the interest of two separate end-users to take the property when marketable title is obtained.

Developer paid $14.8 M but goes for $1.2 M in taxes!

Marina (44 Slips) Development Rights

January 15th, 2010

Eastview Realty Advisors has obtained control of the exclusive development rights for a 44 slip marina project in Lee County, Florida, fully permitted with the Army Corps of Engineers and South Florida Water management District, benefiting from a 20-year submerged lands lease from the jurisdiction.

Riviera SeaWall Marina

Marketing & Sales (Palm Beach County)

January 1st, 2010

Entrance to Sales Office

Eastview Realty Advisors has contracted to provide the Marketing and Sales services required by a Palm Beach County Developer to Auction its remaining Townhomes and Condominium Villas to finish the sell-out of its project. Eastview is working again with Fisher Auction Co. using the managed pre-auction process they employed for 81 high rise luxury condominium units on the water in Fort Myers was not only a success, in that all units were sold, but achieved an end result that was 20 % higher then expected.

Early Closing (Distress Sale)

December 18th, 2009

Eastview Realty Advisors closed on the remaining thirty (30) Developer units at the RiverBend Motorcoach Resort [www.riverbendfla.com], acquiring the developer rights from the mortgage lender. Eastview closed early (before the due diligence period expired), engaged its broker and began to sell units within the first week.

Acquisition: RV resort park (Developer units)

December 1st, 2009

Eastview Realty Advisors has contracted to purchase and close before December 15 on 30 unsold Units in a high-end recreational vehicle motor resort park in Southern Florida for approximately $ 1 M in cash.  Eastview plans to manage and market the Units over the next three sale periods. The seller is a well-positioned bank that desired a quick disposition and offered a material discount to market.

Developer RV Pads